About InterpayAfrica

What is Interpay?

Interpay is a electronic payment platform that facilitates traditional transactions and e-commerce

Interpay facilitates the collection of payments for bills and invoices.

Interpay allows merchants to receive payments from numerous customers spread out across the contry.

Interpays allows merchants to easily authenticate and reconcile payments received and outstanding.

Interpay can be used for disbursements.

Interpay also has built in functionality for specific purpose wallets (ie funds loaded onto those wallets can only be used for specific transactions/merchants/products as determined or as required)

Benefits to Merchants

Creates a paperless environment

Merchants avoids receiving and moving cash

Allows business/payment to happen from anywhere at any time and directed to specified accounts.

Instant notification of all transactions.

Easy reconciliation for all parties

Merchant is able to broadcast important notices to customers.

Interpay can be customized to suit Merchant's needs.