The benefits

An instant secure method of paying bills, fees, invoices,from anywhere at anytime.


Africa's future with technology

Multitasking made fun

No more boring question at the bank,right in my confort zone.

No card needed

There are good reasons not to use a credit card online--or at all.


The continent where its hapenning

For anyone

Use it anytime, anywhere

Our Service

We provide platforms which help in payment collection, disbursement, and also allows easy authentication and reconciliation of payment received and outstanding.


receive payments from numerous customers spread out across the country


Use this service to pay past-due bills can prevent calls from debt collectors.


The money leaving your account must match the actual amount spent.


Your credentials are always required to have acces to your account.


You do not have to write a check, swipe a credit card or handle any paper money.


Automate the disbursment of payment through a single process.


Creates a paperless environment;
Merchant avoids receiving and moving cash;
Allows business/payment to happen from anywhere at any time and directed to specified accounts;
Instant notification of all transactions;
easy reconciliation for all parties;
Merchant is able to broadcast important notices to customers;
Interpay can be customized to suit Merchant’s needs

wallet Top Up

1. Cash deposit at bank /mobile money agent/ collecton agents
2. Transfer from a bank account to wallet
3. Load from local card or international card
4. From an international remittance provider

Convenience of paying their fees/bills/invoices from anywhere at any time;
Customers are able to complete their transactions instantly;
Customers get to see their en4re transaction history;
Bank accounts not exposed
Customers are informed by merchant of any communication.


With interpay the management of the school fees becomes one children's games..

John koffi/ Student

i can now do my online shopping without difficulties

Pamela/ A married woman

Our Partners

We are connected to a number of banks and mobile money operators.

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